What is NeuroSoma®?

A delicate but powerful fingertip massage technique, NeuroSoma® relaxes hard, overly-contracted muscle tissue by stimulating small feedback nerves issuing from muscle spindle sensory receptors, which are little nerve bodies scattered throughout muscles.

Unlike regular massage therapy, NeuroSoma® specifically addresses hypertonic muscle spasm, a serious and unless properly treated, permanent condition that differs from ordinary tension in that it is produced by a malfunction of the nervous system. We refer to it as ‘insidious spasm’ because it gradually and often silently encroaches on healthy muscle. Hypertonus underlies conditions not commonly associated with muscle, and can impact the nervous, circulatory, skeletal, and neuroendocrine systems. Sick muscle creates a sick body. Practitioners of most remedies don’t understand the full science of skeletal muscle malfunction, which begins in the nervous system.

It is important to note that we use a limited pressure not deep enough to activate the stretch-reflex mechanism. This stimulation corrects distorted nerve feedback to the cerebellum, enabling the cerebellum to correctly “see” the contraction in which it has been holding the muscle, and consequently relax it. The body heals itself.

The process of softening knotted, tight muscles is cumulative.  Once core spasms are reached and the muscle is healthy throughout, maintenance becomes the objective.  Other changes are generated, such as increased circulation, joint health, nerve repair, and reduced histamine production.  The degree and speed of change depend on [1] the extent of the disturbance, [2] the age of the disturbance, and [3] the pace at which your own nervous system operates, which varies from person to person.

This is an ‘inside job’ between nerves and brain, and must be corrected by working in the specific nervous system that has run amok. This is what NeuroSoma® is designed to do. NeuroSoma® creates spaciousness: more space between your molecules and between your joints, more space for your blood vessels and nerves. Where there was contraction, you feel expansion. For More detailed information, please go to More About Muscle.

  • Pain is the messenger; we want to treat the cause of pain, not kill the messenger
  • Our goal is to allow muscles to relax, rather than strengthen them

NeuroSoma® Understands Muscle because it is based on real science – and It Works!

  • NeuroSoma® Treatments can change your life




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