More About Muscle

NeuroSoma® is a strictly science-based technique to eliminate the cause of muscle pain and consequent conditions.  Misunderstanding of the muscle system pervades the field, resulting in remedies that often do more harm than good and impacting millions of suffering people who spend years and fortunes going to doctors and therapists attempting to find real relief. My hope is that this brilliant technique will be discovered and embraced by more therapists across the country.

In order to help you understand more about my passion – skeletal muscle – this site contains the following pages, which can also be accessed through the main menu:

How Muscle Goes Bad

Hypertonic Muscle Spasm

Muscle Pain Often Translates to Join, Nerve & Other Pain

Muscle Spindle Sensory Receptors

Muscle Tone

Stretch Reflex Mechanism

About Golgi Tendon Organs

Ligaments & Tendons

Circulation & Shunts





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