NeuroSoma Seminars Full Course


The 2-Level, 120-hour NEUROSOMA® SEMINARS curriculum trains you in the art of NeuroSoma® Muscle Therapy and in the science of muscle function & malfunction. Laypeople who wish to treat friends and family are also welcome, and all required physiology and anatomy is included in each Level. (Be aware however, that a NeuroSoma® graduation diploma is not a license to practice bodywork professionally; each State has its own licensing requirements.)

Approved Provider Logo final pathsNCBTMB-accredited NeuroSoma® Seminars are limited in numberwe utilize the apprentice/teacher modal, necessary to master the technique, and prefer 2 to 4 students per class; classes are scheduled only on request.

Paid & registered students download homework materials ~ FLASH anatomical presentations and science & physiology papers ~ and so class time is primarily devoted to learning the practical application of NeuroSoma® techniques. The course covers 75 muscles & muscle groups most prone to hypertonic spasm; muscles as presented are considered in context with 32 patterns of spasticity and appropriate protocols of treatment and require increasing skill to treat. Levels 1 and 2 are each 60-hour classes, comprising 35 in-class hours over 5 full days, and 25 at-home study hours done prior to class.

  • Level 1 focuses on the upper limb & shoulders, and the lower limb, buttocks & hips. The technique is easiest to learn on arm muscles, and students with hypertonic arms/hyper-extensive fingers ~ common among massage therapists, keyboardists, and many others ~ can immediately begin to relax and strengthen their own arms & fingers. (Spastic, contracted muscles are WEAK muscles!)
  • Level 2 focuses on the upper & lower back, chest & abdomen, and the face, neck, and the all-important suboccipitals. Final exams are given on day 5 of this class; those who successfully complete their exams receive diplomas, and the graduate may then legally* use the NeuroSoma® name, brochures, cards, and other resources available through the Well Being organization.

EXPECTED OUTCOME: you will come away from each Level with a deepened understanding of the human body, and with powerful new working skills. NeuroSoma® enables you the practitioner to discover, assess, and treat muscles with scientific precision; proficient practitioners have an almost uncanny, X-Ray vision to muscles and their skeletal attachments. You know exactly where you are and where you need to go. Your clients’ pain no longer mystifies you, and on a very real level, you can approach a case with exponentially increased expertise and professional confidence, and these tools bring an ever-increasing and satisfied clientele. Students report that even in early stages of learning, their practices increase and thrive. Requests for NeuroSoma® practitioners come from all over the US and other countries….be that practitioner in your area.

Non-professionals who learn the technique can help themselves, their family & friends find relief from pain and limited movement.

WHAT TO BRING: If possible, a portable massage table with a face cradle, a face cradle cover and one bottom sheet. Discuss the need for tables prior to bringing yours.

IMPORTANT: our clients (in this case our fellow students) remain clothed during treatment, and you will be working through clothing on your fingertips for 5 days. Fingers can get sore, so please wear soft, thin, non-ribbed cotton T-shirts, and pants as near like T-shirt material as you can find. Cotton pajamas work fine. Avoid rough, thick, slippery, shiny, or very tight clothing. Bring warm sweaters and socks.

PLEASE also bring clean bodies, clean clothes, and deodorant. Because we work in close proximity to each other, your cooperation is appreciated.

REGARDING BIOPULSERS®: Well Being does not provide BioPulsers for student use, but as the BioPulser is an integral part of this work, Level 2 students are asked to bring a BioPulser to class if possible. BioPulsers are available for purchase from (Well Being receives no remuneration from the sale of BioPulsers.)

*Only upon graduation may students use the Registered Trademark “NeuroSoma® ” in any way other than as authorized by Well Being LLC for students currently in the system. Any former student not graduated may not use this Trademark, may not refer to him or her self as practicing NeuroSoma® in any way, and will be legally prosecuted for doing so.

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