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COURSE DATES: No classes currently scheduled ~ We are in the process of organizing classes in Illinois, California and Virginia; when classes become available, you may use the Online Registration Form or Registration Link below to sign up.


  • NeuroSoma®Essentials:   6 Hour/1Day Class ONLINE ONLY ($175)  Class begins at 9:30 AM, completed by 3:30 PM.


  • Introduction to NeuroSoma®:  24 hours/3 day Class ($800)  Held on a Friday, Saturday & Sunday, focusing on basic NeuroSoma® stroke techniques throughout the entire body.


  • NeuroSoma®Classic:  4 Levels/3 days each ($1000 per Level /$500 discount if paying all 4 Levels in advance) Commitment to all 4 Levels is required.  


Please use the following online registration form:

NeuroSoma® Class Registration

NeuroSoma® Class Registration

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We also ask all students to print, sign, and submit (at time of class) a Student Copyright Agreement 


If you do not complete the online form that follows,  you may alternatively print and mail our Registration by Mail form and our Copyright Agreement form. Please complete, sign, and mail both forms & your check made payable to Tamsin Stewart to the address on the form.


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