About Tamsin Stewart

Tamsin Stewart began her career as a massage therapist in 1974 in Los Angeles, CA, working primarily with dancers, musicians, stage & film actors, producers & studio heads.
In 1976 she met and began study with Thomas Griner, a myologist, scientist, and inventor who used his 30 years of scientific research and extensive engineering background to navigate the unexplored territory of muscle malfunction. He developed the KANON technique of healing skeletal muscles and engineered the BioPulser® precision percussor.

From 1985 through 2000, Tamsin served as private therapist to the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States, traveling in his entourage and treating many dignitaries and heads of state.

Thomas Griner

Tamsin greatly credits Griner with her successful career; “His work has inspired me over the years; the information he accumulated and shared with me is the basis for all I know about muscle, and my appreciation and gratitude are boundless.”
Tamsin now resides in Central Virginia where she practices and is currently re-introducing classes with the help of several of her former students.

 In 2001 she founded Well Being LLC and created the original 120-hour NeuroSoma® Seminars course, which she taught until fall of 2015 (and which is now being unearthed), when she streamlined it to ‘Introduction to NeuroSoma’, offering the basics but not the science. With an eye to ‘teaching teachers’, Tamsin is dedicated to giving therapists throughout the country access to these important concepts. This will include an online 1-day “Essentials” class for both practitioners & the general public, the 3-day “Introduction to NeuroSoma”, and for graduates of both of those who wish to pursue this work as a career, the 4-level NeuroSoma Classic course.  We see these classes available in the near future in California, Illinois, Virginia, and hopefully soon in an increasing number of states.  Questions welcome as we sort it all out, stay tuned! NEUROSOMA IS NOT A MODALITY, IT IS A CAREER. Come learn, practice, and teach with us!

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