Where are the Muscle Doctors?

We’ve worked with and heard from hundreds of people over the years, who suffer ~ sometimes for years ~ from excruciating pain, who have seen every type of doctor, therapist, or practitioner to no avail. Many say they sit up at night unable to sleep, and search on-line for ‘muscle doctors’,  finding nothing. Their  stories are heartbreaking. They tell their friends, families and doctors that their muscles are sick & creating their pain, but they continue to hear, “No, it ‘s something else”. How is it that this large (55% of the human body mass),  important system has been so ignored, has so little credence and gets so little attention?

Because, bottom line, and unbelievably still today, there ARE NO DOCTORS FOR MUSCLE in the traditional sense. Nobody in the AMA specializes in the skeletal muscle system, and typically they deny that muscle tissue can be the source of a serious health issue. According to conventional thinking, pinched nerves, bone-on-bone joints, and degraded cartilage are primary and must be treated as such.

But muscles CAN and DO get sick (technically they’re not ‘sick’ as much as overworked).  Goaded into constant, non-stop automatic contraction to the point of  exhaustion by an automatic brain that can no longer ‘see’ them, muscles with too much muscle tone (hypertonic) become hard, short and painful, and are capable of creating major trouble downline in the skeletal, nervous, and circulatory systems.