During recent heavy rains I took a tumble down our outside stairs. It was so bad I feared I had broken a rib or two. I attempted to rest and take it easy and recoup for a few days, but many old discomforts began returning. My once-broken ankle began to throb, my once-dislocated shoulder and knee as well. I decided to have a NeuroSoma® treatment to see if that might help. Having a treatment by Tamsin was basically to experience that my ailments, new and old, could be healed. When she was done, my ribs were so much better, as were all my other old aches and pains. I was so impressed by the experience and the results that I have decided to go back a couple times a month to keep my deep muscles healthy and free of residue stresses and tensions. – Michael Peter Langevin

Having been in pain for decades, including 2 back operations, about 10 years ago I decided to take responsibility for my problems. It started with a great book “Pain Free”, then I found a good physical therapist who helped me strengthen my core and work on stretching. This helped me get out of pain. Although the pain (my buddy) was off my back, I felt it was right behind me, ready to jump right back on at any time. Then I found Tamsin; she has helped me more than any other thing I’ve tried. I now feel the pain is not even in sight. Muscles hold us together and are so important, but mine were way too tight, and not working right. Tamsin has helped greatly improve my quality of life. – Barry Schmidt, Afton, VA

I feel great (post-treatment), my neck is just sore, no major swelling visible. Nice to know and realize that my body is fixable and actually healing; I can feel the muscles loosening and lengthening. Just being able to sit up straight, shoulders straight and back, not rolled forward… it’s amazing and wonderful. This is a huge stress relief for me, just knowing there is the possibility to return to a somewhat normal lifestyle…which is an active one! Everyone who is aging worries over this – Mariana Bennet, Stanardsville, VA

Hey Tamsin, I think you’re the greatest and very special. It’s amazing that you took me in and became a leader in my health recovery. I am so grateful for how important my health and well-being became to you and your generosity in aiding my recovery. – Geoffrey Smith, New York City/Dubai

NeuroSoma® has dramatically changed the quality of my life. After my first session I had more mental clarity than ever in my life, I kid you not…and it has remained. I am ecstatic about the results, giving me more freedom and less pain from the leftovers from a spinal injury 42 years ago …it doesn’t get any better than that for me. Thank you Tamsin, NeuroSoma® and Bio-pulsing, for my new life.  – Joni Raskin, Charlottesville, VA

Tamsin, Amazing! Amazing! Driving is once again enjoyable. I am pain free. I still need some minor tweaks from Dr. Joe, but all I can say is THANK GOD for Griner, you and Joe!!!! I don’t know what I would have done without you. Life is worth living again! I can’t wait to meet you and talk about the future of NeuroSoma® work. I am sure that Griner and you and all those that you have taught will be heralded in the future and for generations to come as complete health care saints, pioneers and revolutionaries. You should be given the highest form of recognition by every humanitarian organization on the planet for your willingness to understand, practice, and promote this work. Just amazing and truly life altering.  – Sam King, Bay Head, NJ

I have had a long history of shoulder pain due to an injury nearly 20 years ago. After my first treatment with Tamsin, I noticed a huge improvement. I continue to see Tamsin for muscle massage and am amazed at the positive results I am getting. Her extensive knowledge combined with your desire to cure pain is obvious from the first time you meet her. If you have chronic pain, I would highly recommend that you go to Tamsin. – Candace Schoner, Charlottesville, VA

Grateful for the NeuroSoma® “muscle therapy” bodywork of the masterful Tamsin Stewart here in Charlottesville! I have tried for 4 years to do everything from conventional to non-conventional approaches to heal the neuroma in my left foot naturally with little improvement. After a few weeks of seeing Tamsin weekly, it’s feeling so much better. I can wear boots and heals again without pain…and dance!  – Michelle James, Charlottesville, VA

I have found NeuroSoma® to be very helpful in loosening my leg muscles such that they work more effectively and are not chronically cramped to the extent that they inhibit blood flow and nerve impulses. Tamsin has been a great teacher of just how my muscles work. – Jim Ward, Charlottesville, VA

I experienced a bad knee injury (torn ACL)17 years ago. Treatment was delayed as I changed healthcare providers. While the repair operation was entirely successful, the delay had caused my thigh muscles (Quads?) to atrophy to the size of a “pencil”. I had trouble walking and climbing stairs. After 11 years of many sessions of all kinds of so-called physical therapy, I had only recovered 40% of the strength in my leg and it still looked like a “pencil”. It still collapsed on me. I went to see Tamsin. She explained that the muscles were so tightly clenched, that they couldn’t respond to therapy. After 5 sessions with Tamsin and her NeuroSoma® therapy, my leg muscles relaxed, started to have feeling again and responding to exercise. It was “amazing”. After all of those years with a weak leg – all of a sudden, my thigh was coming back. Today I have full strength and complete movement of my leg. My thigh looks and works like a real leg and I am participating in my sports again. I am eternally grateful. Without Tamsin Stewart and her NeuroSoma® therapy, I would still be a cripple today. Instead, I am an athlete again. – Lessley Silberberg, Ashburn, VA

Your work is simply the best; a fantastic, incredible lifesaver. – Joseph E. Robert, Chairman & CEO, J.E. Robert Companies

Over the past 3 years Tamsin has treated various conditions I’ve been suffering with. I am a very busy piano technician tuning about 1100 pianos each year as well as doing rebuilding projects. When she first saw me my upper arms had such painful spasms that it was difficult to raise them and reach for something without a lot of pain. Also the spasms at the base and underside of my arms caused my arms and hands to fall asleep. When sleeping at night the circulation problem in the arms would wake me up. The spasms radiated in all directions across the back, shoulders, and neck causing much discomfort, stiffness, headaches, and limited mobility in turning my head. I seriously thought that my career couldn’t continue. Since that time, after a series of visits, my arms have greatly improved and even though I regularly continue to cause injury with the intensity of my work, my arms have never returned to the original condition Tamsin found them in. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to have many NeuroSoma® treatments as I live 7 hours away, but my condition continues to improve with each treatment. Which makes the effectiveness of NeuroSoma® more impressive. – Carl Eisenstadt, Columbia, SC

I first went to Tamsin for treatment of a persistent neck issue and headaches, after having been to doctors and other therapists but not having found any effective treatment, or even diagnosis, of my problem. The first Neurosoma® treatment with Tamsin was very intense, but afterward, I knew something had happened! Because I was coming from quite a distance, she even showed my husband how to do the massage technique, so he could work on me a little in between treatments. Over a number of treatments, my symptoms improved dramatically. With moving, having children and the demands of jobs and life, it has been many years since I had the treatments, but my neck “clenching” problem never returned. I believe Tamsin is a true healer because she has both the technical knowledge and skill of how the body works as well as the compassion and respect for her clients that is truly rare to find. She also has a wonderful intuition that I cannot explain! My family and I all feel that she’s become part of our extended family. Since my treatments, I have seen many massage therapists for help with the discomforts of pregnancy or just relaxation. I have met many wonderful practitioners who I can wholeheartedly recommend, but I must say that Tamsin’s skill, knowledge and the results she is able to produce are a several orders of magnitude above those of any other practitioner I have seen. – Julia Barzyk, Cary, NC

My entire body hurt when I started NeuroSoma® treatments with Tamsin Stewart. My skin felt prickly, I ached all over, couldn’t sit or lay down. I wore my clothes inside-out because the seams hurt. My skin hurt to take a bath or shower and it hurt to dry off.
In addition, I suffered from arthritis, low back pain (I was told I had a herniated disk), sciatic nerve pain, terrible sinus problems, and lack of sleep. One of the hardest things was that I couldn’t sleep unless I was exhausted, and then only for 2 to 3 hours. Most of the night I paced the floor and cried. I was using all kinds of skin lotions and creams. I even had cortisone shots in my knees and lower back, and allowed doctors to cauterize the spinal nerves in my lumbar area.
 I had been through many doctors, and eventually they all said they had done all they could for me; basically, they told me to go away. I don’t think most of them even believed me, but thought I was just an old hypochondriac woman who liked to complain. I almost never left home, didn’t drive (it was a torture to do so). I used pain machines at the UVA Pain Clinic, and took a lot of prescription pain meds – most of which I was allergic to. >I first saw Tamsin at the Pain Clinic, but I couldn’t sit through her lecture and got up to leave. She stopped the lecture and started addressing just me, asking me about my symptoms, and then said she thought she could help me. She said she thought I was inundated with lactic acid and suffering from histamine poisoning. I wasn’t sure about it; no one else had said that, and all I wanted was to stop hurting, go to sleep and wake up when the pain was gone She said it was important to have hope. I left, crying. I did take her card however.
 That evening while pacing the floor I thought a lot about it and decided to call and make an appointment. The first 2 to 3 treatments we didn’t get very far; her slightest touch just plain hurt, but the best thing she did for me was believe me!
I decided to keep at it, and little by little it got bearable.

 In the beginning when I was at my worst, I’d cry and push her hands away and want to jump off the table. And after a treatment I would sometimes hurt more rather than less! Yes, I went home feeling worse than when I’d come in, and yes, I continued even when it hurt more! I could always call Tamsin and talk, and she would explain again that my pain was coming out to the surface like a boil, and not being buried. >During each treatment, she would explain what she was doing and why. It slowly started to get better. The pain did change, and my skin seemed to be a little less sensitive. I really began to understand that for NeuroSoma® to work, I had to make a real commitment and to trust.

 During the treatments Tamsin would identify the worst muscles and the next day, though sore, they would feel a bit better. Heat made the skin worse.
 >I went through a period of time when instead of not being able to sleep, all I wanted to do was sleep – deep healing, probably. And as my skin improved, so did my pain. It took a long time for the low back pain to go away because after the spinal nerves were burned and numbed out the pain, NeuroSoma® woke up the pain and then the muscles had to get better. My hands, which were numb, are finally starting to regain feeling, and now we’re working on my legs. >You would think that in a couple of months or so, one would be better; but now I know it depends on how bad a person is and how fast their body heals. All the things I had done to my body before – heavy work, falls, heavy lifting, having surgery and shots – all contributed to my problem. And most of what we do to stop the pain is just a bandage to cover it. We have to get down to the real cause – to soften the muscles and ease the nerves. >It took me many months to show real improvement, but now I have a life again. I sleep, drive, dress, wear makeup and earrings, mow the lawn, and go out.

 Today I actually look forward to my treatments. OH YES, even though in the beginning when Tamsin said I would, I said ‘No Way!” NeuroSoma® is a great modality and can bring help to many people. I can’t say enough how thankful I am to have found it. IT DOES WORK – Jean Budd, Charlottesville, VA

Student Feedback

I continue to feel tremendous gratitude for your thorough and deep teaching. I may never master the techniques you’ve provided, but I give myself to them each time I’m blessed to work with another being. I offer my great appreciation for the very helpful slides you created and sent prior to our meeting, and the priceless videos which you orchestrated have touched me indelibly. I feel blessed to have been able to study with you. I send you my ongoing thanks. – Ann Sheree Greenbaum, Point Reyes Station, CA

Only one thing would improve the class: chocolate on my pillow every night. – Marcus Daniels, Wilmington, NC

Tamsin is an amazing instructor! Her patience & attention she gives each student individually is above any I have experienced to date. Her course is a part of her heart’s work, and that makes this amazing information even more brilliant – Lisa Wharton, Marion, Ill

As I have said before, you completely revolutionized my work on both people and horses; so I am happy to sing your praises from the roof-tops, loud for all to hear. – Caroline Rawnsley, Norfolk, UK

Studying NeuroSoma® with Tamsin has changed my practice. My patients and I are very happy with the results. Oh, did I mention I have been practicing bodywork for twenty five years? NeuroSoma® just WORKS.  – Ken Tucker, Potomac, MD

AND ALSO THIS: Tamsin, Thank you for all your hard work and persistence in bringing NeuroSoma to the world. I am proud to have learned from you.  – Ken Tucker, Potomac, MD

Thank you [for the class materials]; wow it looks very thorough and complete! You’re a professional and I appreciate your time. I can’t wait to get to Virginia and get going again. I don’t know if you remember working on my right greater trochanter and deep six during the last class….Since then it’s been painless and completely functional…..😊 very very cool.   – Charlie Stevens, Fresno, CA

Tamsin is a great teacher, practitioner and person. She clearly conveys the “ins and outs” of a modality where proper technique is of the utmost importance. You can expect constructive monitoring and critiquing regarding technique, to ensure that you “get it.” Class sizes are kept well within reason and the tools you learn can be used immediately in you own practice. As with nearly anything, proficiency comes with repeated efforts.   – Brady Powers, Columbus, OH

Excellent workshop, I enjoyed all the hands-on experience. You are a wonderful teacher, I appreciate all the time you put into this workshop.  – Cherene Lemos, Van Nuys, CA

Thank you for all your hard work in October. It was a great experience for me. Lots of good information, but more importantly, the sense of “family” you created was so nourishing and I suspect we all felt that way. It was obvious that this training required many hours and much thought to pull together……….and then, this:
Just wanted to update on you on how your training changed the course of my life. Not exaggerating! My clients are really loving the new technique and are experiencing deeper healing. I know they liked the deep tissue work I was doing but this is so much more sophisticated and specific. It just feels right to them and they are responding by coming in much more steadily. I love that my practice is busier now.  – Cherene Lemos, Van Nuys, CA

I am so grateful to Tamsin Stewart for the countless treatment and training hours I’ve received from her. I have been practicing NeuroSoma® since 2002. Initially I expected it to become just another treatment modality but it became the focus of my practice. When people have muscle issues, I found that other work could relax the sympathetic nervous system, but could not address muscle tension. It might relax temporarily, but I know of nothing but NeuroSoma® that can actually get rid of muscle hypertonicity.
Tamsin is so true to the work that, as incredible a therapist as she is, she never takes her technique for granted but is constantly looking to improve her own work, to understand the body on a deeper level, and improve the technique of her students. Additionally, she’s no spring chicken but has a youthful, fluid body with strength and stamina, which I see as an example of the efficacy of NeuroSomaî.
In terms of my own body – I used to live with pain every day. I’d have periods of severe spasm, interspersed with general daily back pain. None of this has been an issue for years. NeuroSoma® has been a game-changer for me. To go into my senior years and not have pain – how many people can say that?   – Karin Silverman, Silver Spring, MD

My name is Aaron Draper…and Tamsin Stewart is my hero. I practice in California as a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic. I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1980 and have been in full-time practice ever since. I have been around the block with regards to chiropractic and other manual techniques. Two years ago I began my training in NeuroSoma® Therapy from Tamsin. I can say without any hesitation that is has been the most impactful and important training in my 30 year career as a Doctor of Chiropractic. Even before I completed her 100+ hour course, I was getting more patient-generated referrals in my practice than ever before. I fact, I had as many as 26 new patients in a single month without any marketing or asking any patients for referrals. They came solely on the weight of the results I got with NeuroSoma®. My practice has not diminished in the recession these past 2 years.
NeuroSoma® is the only modality I use in my practice and that is because I get consistent, predictable positive results; it works like nothing else does. It is the most rational and physiologically sound approach for treating musculoskeletal problems, as well as other health issues, available today. All other techniques that I practiced prior to NeuroSoma® are essentially obsolete because they lack the understanding as to what is by far the most common cause of pain and disability that patients commonly experience…. and that ishard, hypertonic musculature. And even if they did have an understanding, they have no solution to remedy it. NeuroSoma® is the remedy. Nothing else comes close.
The chiropractic, physical therapy, and medical professions are completely oblivious to this phenomena and hence have been fumbling around with different gadgets, techniques, procedures, explanations, and surgeries, etc., all based on an incomplete understanding of muscle physiology. I can say this with some authority because I too was completely oblivious to it until I read Dr Griner’s book entitled, “What’s Really Wrong With You”, in 1998. This is the most important book I’ve read relating to my career. Read it. It’s all true. You may think that reading one book may not justify such an assertion, but now after practicing NeuroSoma® with my current skill level for 2 years, I stand by that statement. And where the book was written for the general public, Tamsin’s NeuroSoma® course imparts a deep and thorough understanding of muscle tone and contraction physiology, along with the consequences of hypertonic (spastic) musculature.
My exuberance for NeuroSoma® is not an exaggeration. When I say that Tamsin is my hero, this is not meant to be some corny cliché. She has single handedly organized and put into a useable form the work of Dr Thomas Griner, who is the innovator and developer of the NeuroSoma® procedure. Her efforts in doing this have been nothing less than heroic. Had it not been for her devotion in putting together and teaching her NeuroSoma® course, I would not have the joy and confidence in practice that I have today. Because of the fulfilling “miracles” that NeuroSoma® produces, I plan to practice NeuroSoma® for at least another 20 years.
NeuroSoma® is not just another technique permutation based upon the usual paradigms. It is completely outside the paradigms from which the professions mentioned above are operating. Once you experience the hand of an experienced NeuroSoma® practitioner, you’ll know that this is something quite different and you will never settle for anything else.
NeuroSoma® training is well worth any time and expense you will invest to gain this fabulous healing skill. It is awesome stuff. If you would like to talk to someone in person who has had the training… you can call me any time. My office number is (559) 277-4300. I’ll probably be busy treating patients if you call… but I will call you back. Call me …I’ll be happy to talk to you. – Aaron Draper, D.C., Fresno, CA

When as a massage student in 1996, as students we were encouraged to experience different types of bodywork; and as a then-competitive tri-athlete with an over-trained body, I was always seeking the type of bodywork that would fix my ailments. I was fortunate to be introduced to Tamsin Stewart at one of my classes which showcased different types of bodywork. She practiced a modality developed by Thomas Griner called NeuroSoma®. I scheduled an appointment with Tamsin and after receiving my first bodywork session from her, it was obvious that her cutting-edge technique (which she teaches!) worked best for me to keep me moving and competing. While this type of work was no less painful for me (due to the condition of my muscles) than a deep tissue massage, it was not the same feeling following a session of deep tissue massage, which usually left me cringing and feeling “mashed”; instead, NeuroSoma® left my muscles feeling more expanded and more alive and, gave me the hope that things were on the mend. While I was a more regular client when she practiced in Ashburn, VA, I will still make the trek to C-ville when I am able. Tamsin is AWESOME! Not only will she successfully treat the athlete struggling with injuries, but has a knack with her abundant knowledge of the muscles and 40 years of experience to treat many difficult cases of chronic pain sufferers, some of whom travel from different states to get treated by this caring practitioner. People in Charlottesville are SO fortunate to have such a talented bodyworker so close by!  – Tracey Dugdale, Reston, VA

NeuroSoma® changed the whole direction of our lives. My wife, Rosemary had incredibly painful plantar fasciitis, so bad her doctors told her to get a walker. She was in pain and housebound for a year. After I completed the NeuroSoma® workshops I treated Rosemary’s plantar fasciitis for six sessions and she was completely and permanently healed. She is now fully active without pain for over 6 months without further treatment.   – Charlie Harrington, Danvers, MA

I was interested in changing directions in my life. I wanted a more stable, rewarding career in the health industry. My brother-in-law took Tamsin’s NeuroSoma® course and was very pleased with the results. He highly recommended her classes to me and I decided to contact Tamsin. I’m very glad that I did. I have had a smooth transition into a new field. I did this as a result of her knowledge of the subject and her ability to translate that information to me. The NeuroSoma® technique is very effective in helping to relieve both chronic pain and to aid in quicker healing from injuries. My fellow students included Chiropractors, Massage Therapists and Physical Therapists. I urge anyone either currently in the field or new to the field to take her course. You will not be disappointed  – Sharon Drewett, South Elgin, IL

Thank you for bringing this work out, for all the time, care, & attention you’ve put into your course materials, and for the passion of your teaching style; your love of what you do comes through. This work is right & true,and I appreciate the opportunity to deepen my understanding of it.   – Heather A., Asheville, NC

Anonymous Testimonials

“The instructor is extremely knowledgeable, astute in answering questions, and creative in helping with hand position; very patient.”

“The instructor was totally accessible. I’ve never experienced an instructor this committed to a student getting the material”

“I got much more information in this seminar than I could have possibly anticipated. This work is not like anything else! I have done numerous chiropractic technique seminars, none of which offered such complete and thorough hands-on instruction.”

“This work is like nothing I’ve ever come across before – it fascinates me, frustrates me, entices me; it’s like molding wet clay, but we’re working in flesh. I can’t wait till the next level.”

“Excellent, clear, precise instruction. I’ve been a seminar junkie for the past 15 years, but with NeuroSoma I think I’ve at last found my niche. And because I’ve been using the BioPulser for a couple of years, it’s really exciting to learn the work that goes with it.”

“Really great seminar Tamsin; can you believe it, I got home and had 3 clients ask for the Neurosoma work, one of them has spasm throughout her right inner thigh, and also gluteal/hip pain. I got to practice all the adductor work we did last week. Another client is having tightness across her upper chest muscles, asking for pectoralis work, which we also just learned. How great is that? I’m looking forward to the next class in April!”


*From 10/2015 to 10/2022, the 4-Level NeuroSoma Seminars course was on hiatus, replaced by a 5-day “Introduction to NeuroSoma”. As of October 2022 we are resurfacing to meet steady demand, and designing a new system of teaching.

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