NeuroSoma® Essentials
Pre-Class Instructions

How to Prepare

Materials become available to paid & registered students 2 weeks prior to class. We suggest you access them as soon as possible.

Pre-Class Instructions
   b) Syllabus

   a) PowerPoint with Voice
   b) Video of Essentials Session

3- At 1pm on Class Day, click your ZOOM link for the live class (link will be sent to you once you register and pay).

4- Ancillary reading: HOW NEUROSOMA® ESSENTIALS CAME TO BE, by Tamsin Stewart, LMT

What You’ll Need During Your Online Class

1- You will need to ask a friend to commit to being ‘your practice Body-Buddy’ during your individual online portion of the class – a necessary & important commitment!

2- Important: While on the table, your Body-Buddy will be clothed (as are ALL NeuroSoma® clients!); please have your Buddy wear:
  • Soft, thin leggings, tights or PJ bottoms – not bulky or restraining
  • Soft, thin, no collar, cotton T-shirt
  • No thick or tight waistbands please

3- You’ll also need to have a massage table, or some reasonable alternative, such as a mat on a sturdy table or a bed high enough for you to stand beside & access your Buddy.

4- The class is an online Zoom meeting, so you will need a computer with audio and a camera setup to allow the teacher to watch you as you work on your Buddy. If you’re new to Zoom, this page gives instructions on using Zoom:
Zoom Link INFO (Click Here)

What to Expect in the Live Class

At the outset of the live class, there will be a 45-minute set to introduce students and teacher, answer any questions, and to be certain your Zoom connections & camera angle is acceptable. We strongly suggest you be on time for this portion of the class.

You will be given a number from 1 to 6, along with an approximate time, for your individual lesson (you & your Body-Buddy).

• In 5 segments of 25 minutes each, (or for 2.5 hours) the teacher will watch & instruct each of the 5 students individually; you may watch & work along with each individual lesson (highly recommended) or wait until your segment to plug in. However, if you miss your segment, you have missed your class! The Online Portion (or actual live class) is not recorded.

After the individual lessons, there will be a short break (about 10 minutes), after which the class resumes for a 30 minute question and answer period. Total online class time is about 4 hours.