NeuroSoma® F.A.Q.

How often will I need a muscle therapy treatment?

  • The healing process begins during the treatment and continue 3-5 days post-treatment. In early stages of treatment it is beneficial to come once a week, but never advisable to come more often.
  • Although some people see a marked improvement within the first 1 or 2 sessions, it usually takes 3 treatments to establish a baseline, and for your body to recognize what is happening. Typically we recommend 1 treatment per week for a few weeks, but subsequent treatments should wait until any residual soreness has resolved.
  • As progress is made, you can come every 2 weeks or 3 weeks. Once major issues are resolved, maintenance becomes the objective (ie monthly). Once muscles become healthy, strong & supple, and free of pain,  most people find themselves craving treatments on a regular basis.

What does the muscle therapy treatment feel like? 

  • Although the pressure is not nearly that of ‘deep tissue’ massage, the sensation is  of deep pressure because we’re working right in your nervous system.
  • You (and your brain simultaneously) begin to experience the true condition of your muscles during treatment because correctly stimulating the nervous system eliminates numbing-out endorphin and reinstates sensation.
  • Any sensation you feel during your treatment is not produced by massage pressure but because you’re feeling the actual condition of your muscles. Discomfort is directly proportional to the amount of sickness, or hypertonic spasm in your body; conversely, the healthier your muscles become, the better this work feels.

How long will my course of muscle therapy take?

  • There is no way to determine in advance the length of time an individual will require in treatment; your response depends on (1) how extensive and widespread the disturbance, (2) how long you’ve had the disturbance, and (3) the speed with which your individual nervous system responds, which is genetic, and varies from person to person.
  • This work is like an archeological dig; each treatment sands off another layer as we go back in time, uncovering issues you may have been carrying since childhood. Sometimes the pain you initially come in with is just the tip of the iceberg. While it is possible for an issue to be resolved in 1 or 2 treatments,  it often takes longer to uncover and discover your healthy muscles.
  • This work is not a quick fix, but it produces true healing. Remember, our goal is to eliminate the primary problem – the CAUSE of pain. The secondary problem – pain – will take care of itself.

Not Well Known FACTS About Human Skeletal Muscle (But Important to Know)

  • Static stretching (stretch & hold) and deep pressure into muscle tissue both activate the stretch reflex response, a rapid, automatic contraction of muscle.  This powerful contraction is not controlled by the brain, but is a monosynaptic response  transmitted to the spinal cord causing muscles to contract. Any pain relief felt by either is due to release of endorphin (your body’s morphine) in response to the pain of the pressure or stretch, and is usually temporary.

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