NeuroSoma® Introduction
Pre-Class Instructions

Registered and Paid students of All 3-Day
Introduction to NeuroSoma®
Seminars Must:

1) Check in by Email with the teacher running the class
     a. It will be posted next to the date of the class

Verify that you have the correct day and location for the class

3) Download, print, and bring to class the Syllabus from this website

4) Check to see if massage tables are needed (IF you have one available)
     a. Ditto sheets & face cradle covers

5) Assemble and bring (or wear) the correct clothes to wear during the class:
     a. Soft cotton leggings or tights (**No tight waistbands, slick, shiny, or very tight legging)
     b. Soft cotton T-shirt – NO collar, NOT Sleeveless
     c. Clips to keep long hair up while being treated
     d. Thin socks are optional, clean feet are not

6) Plan to bring your lunch every day for a SHORT lunch break; don’t count on having an available refrigerator

7) Come to class with clean, very short, filed fingernails

8) Arrive On Time Please!

We are Excited to Meet & Work with You!