NeuroSoma® Essentials - Class Information

for the Active Online Portion of this Class
Important: Ask Your “Body-Buddy” to Wear
Non-bulky, soft, thin leggings, tights or PJ bottoms
Soft, thin cotton T-shirt, NO collar
A MASSAGE TABLE is Very Helpful & Highly Recommended (But is Not Required)
Students may use padded mats or cushions on a table, single bed etc.
You will need a computer with audio and a camera set up to allow the teacher to watch you as you work on your Buddy.

 Cost of Class = $175.00
• Class Structure: Registered & Paid Students Receive
   o Download printable Syllabus PDF
   o Access to PowerPoint: “How Muscle Goes Bad”
   o Access to Online Video of this Treatment
   o Link to live Zoom Class w/ Individual Instruction
• Completion of this online class takes approximately 5 hours
   o 2.5 Hours = Read Syllabus, watch PowerPoint, watch Teacher
   o 2.5 Hours = Online Zoom with Instructor
• All materials are copyrighted; prior to receiving class materials, participants must Register & sign a Copyright Agreement.
• You may not make copies of, nor distribute any materials you are given in any NeuroSoma® class.
   o Notes and audio recordings are permitted
   o Video recording of any kind is NOT permitted
• NO CEU credit is given for this Class